The ultimate DIY guide to your little ones sleep

Your new baby sleep bibles are jam packed with the need-to-knows and the nice-to-knows when it comes to soothing, settling and sleep for your little one’s first 5 years earth-side

What age is your babe?


Are you tired of the sleepless nights, the constant nap fighting and spending endless hours trying to settle your little one to sleep? 

Do you find yourself scrolling the internet, bleary eyed in the middle of the night searching for that one trick that’ll fix it all? Cuz, yup I’ve been there too!

But you don’t have to look any further Mums and Dads! The Parenting Edit Sleep Guides are here to help! 

These expertly designed, easy-to-read guides give you the tools and knowledge you need to help nail healthy sleep so everyone is getting the rest they need (you’re getting everythingggg I WISH I’d known sooner…)

Grab a Sleep Guide now and figure out your first steps todaywhile you’re rocking your babe to sleep for the fifty billionth time or stuck in your toddlers bedroom waiting to ninja your way out. 

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Let’s get you feeling confident and back to feeling like you again (you know, the less sleep deprived and cranky version).  Because when your little one sleeps soundly, you sleep soundly.


Practical, how-to guidance means you'll be on your way to better sleep in no time.

the newborn
sleep guide

Soothing, Settling & Sleep, the 3 S’s you must know so you can relax into the squishy newborn days with confidence and reassurance that it is all very normal. Learn everything you need to help support a happy sleeper from day dot

What’s inside:

  • Learn about newborn sleep biology and what to expect around day and night sleep, so there’s far less guesswork during this crazy time
  • Master our tips, tools and strategies for soothing and settling your little one. I’m talking colic, reflux, witching hour, deciphering cries … the works!
  • Find out exactly what to do when it all goes so wrong so you’re giving off those cool, calm and collected vibes (your little one picks up on this yanno)
  • Current safe sleep recommendations so you’re making fully informed decisions for your fam – you do you
  • Red flags for sleep and wellbeing so you know what to look out for because if these things are happening, sleep def won’t be
  • And so much more!

the 3 - 8 month
sleep guide

This is the time many parents find themselves doing some craaaazy things (you know, the things we said we’d never do) to get their little ones to sleep. Learn how to cruise on through all the twists and turns that pop up between 3 – 8 months

What’s inside:

  • Learn about sleep biology, sleep hygiene and what to expect around day andnight sleep
  • Get the down low on all things naps, (yep even catnapping), early wakes, overnight feeds and routines to support a chilled out sleep situation
  • Master our tips, tools and strategies for settling and re-settling your little one in ways that feel-good for you
  • Find out exactly what to do when it all goes so wrong, I’m looking at you sleep disruptions (think growth spurts, developmental leaps, teething, separation anxiety and sickness) and transitions (like bassinet to cot, ditching the swaddle, travelling, daycare and dummies)
  • Current safe sleep recommendations so you’re making fully informed decisions for your fam – you do you
  • And this is just SOME of what’s inside!

the 9 month - 2 year sleep guide

Let’s step it up a notch! Your little one is about to start running rings around you because #independence (can you say persistent?) This stage can find a lot of parents floundering about wondering what the heck to do next (hint: you’ve probably tried everythinggggg)

What’s inside:

  • Learn the best ways to support sleep in your homeso there’s less fight and more ease in your day (and night)
  • Understand what the heck is going on with these sleep leaps (they come thick and fast during this time) and don’t forget peaks of separation anxiety (sos)
  • Master our tips, tools and strategies for settling and re-settling your little one in ways that feel-good for you
  • Find out how to get naps, nights and early morningsrocking in your favour
  • Get the goss on common sleep disruptions andtransitions, ain’t no time to be stuck in that for longer than necessary
  • Current safe sleep recommendations so you’re making fully informed decisions for your fam – you do you
  • And this is just the tip of the iceberg

the toddler
sleep guide

Learn how to navigate your tricky toddler sleep issues so bedtimes feel calmer and happier for everyone (and have far less sneaky *read hectic* visits in the middle of the night!)

What’s inside:

  • Learn about sleep associations, disruptions and developmental leaps so you can clearly understand what’s going on for your little one
  • Master our tips, tools and strategies for navigating separation anxiety, parental preference, hectic bedtimes, early starts and exhausting overnight parties so you rolling down sleep street in no time
  • Find out exactly what to do with that last nap, cot to bed transitions and ditching that dummy
  • Got a fussy eater keeping you on your toes? Or giving up the bottle is a battle? We got you here too fam! Figure out your first steps to good times at mealtimes + which foods are conducive to sleep
  • Plus a heck of a lot more!


Why grab just one when you can have a sleep bible at your ready for every stage, from newborn all the way to school! I know, why the heck wouldn’t you!

Every guide gives you the need-to-knows of sleep so you can confidently tackle the ever changing world of sleep!

Everything is so much harder when you're not sleeping right?!

So, let's ditch the expectations,
turn on the white noise and find solutions that actually work for your little one and your family

Our guides are easy-to-read, supportive and informative, helping you lay down the best foundations and keeping you on track as you whizz through those early years!

Hey there sleepy parents

Let me drop some knowledge on you!

I’m Courtney, Holistic Parenting Consultant, Sleep and Behavioural Specialist, and instigator of The Parenting Edit. And empowering stressed and exhausted parents with the knowledge of all things sleep? I live for it!

I’m mum of 2 ratbags, wife and business owner and have been working with families for 13+ years in both education and consulting roles. 

Watching families go from frantic and frazzled chaos to feel-good parenthood lights me the heck up which is why I’m so glad you’re here! 

These sleep guides will give you exactly what you need, fast, so you can start implementing positive change today! 

Whatever your goals are, these beauties will get you there because I truly believe that…

When you learn how to support your little one, parenting becomes a heck of a lot easier (and a lot more enjoyable too)

Courtney x

YOUR sleep QUESTIONS, answered

Sleep training is the process in which we support our little ones to fall asleep and stay asleep with increasing independence (not perfection and certainly with appropriate expectations for the age and stage – we aren’t raising robots).

This is not about self-soothing (we cover this in our guides!)

These guides don’t just cover sleep training strategies, you get in-depth holistic knowledge which means you can improve sleep even without “sleep training”. 

Always do what feels most aligned for your family, remember, if it’s not a problem for you, it’s not a problem!

The majority of our customers will see amazing progress within 1 week.  Some see results within days and some may take a little longer depending on the approach taken and where you are starting from.

You can expect positive changes to:

  1. Overall mood, as well as increased curiosity, exploration and energy. A happier, more contented little one
  2. Better appetites, feeding and eating with far less fussing
  3. Predictability to the day, knowing when sleep is needed so far easier to organise life
  4. Happy and easier settles to sleep
  5. Longer lengths of sleep, both day and night sleep 
  6. Less sleep disruptions due to teething, sickness, growth spurts and developmental leaps


Happy sleeping babes = happy sleeping parents which means parenting can actually be a good time because everything is much easier with sleep behind you!

Absolutely not, none of our strategies encourage the use of leaving your baby to cry themselves to sleep. You can tweak any strategy to suit your baby and your parenting intuition. Always do what feels-good while creating change.

As a Certified Sleep Consultant I’ve worked with hundreds of families. I know there is no one-size-fits-all-approach or a magic wand to fix sleep issues, some families need a truly personalised approach to change and some support through this.

So, if these guides don’t get your the outcomes you need, please get in touch! It’s likely you will need more pieces to your puzzle and we are more than happy to provide guidance, referrals or 1:1 consultations to make that happen!

Don’t stay stuck, there are always answers!

Short answer, no! Of course, keeping things slower and more low key while creating these positive changes is going to lead to faster outcomes, flexibility is mad skill to have as a parent (and child). 

You can alter routines around your commitments, just remember to keep your expectations realistic as your babe practices these new skills!

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