Make catching zZz’s, as easy as 1 2 3

Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed at the thought of trying to get your little one to go down for a nap or settled for bed? (hint: they know exactly what’s up when you walk into their room)

Feeling tired and cranky because you’re up all night longggg with a serial wakist (more than 3 times a night)?  

Has your little one hit a sleep regression head first and can’t get back into a sleep routine?

Still trying to master the art of linking sleep cycles?

Currently nodding along in a sleep deprived state while fighting back tired tears?  Yeahh… I get it.  

We all wanna know the answer to the age old question: “how do I get my kiddo to sleep through the night?” Truth is, there’s a million things that could be affecting your little one’s (and yours) sleep.

If you’re currently struggling with things like

  • Contact napping or needing to “get the carrrrrr”, pram or carrier to get sleepy time happening

  • Getting your little one out of your bed and transitioned into their cot/bed

  • Getting your babe settled between 15 – 20 minutes (psst, ideal timing)

  • Unpredictable nappy and moods

  • A bub who’s not eating much at meal times (sleeping in hungry work)

You’re in the right place


Let's ditch the expectations, turn on the white noise and find a solution that works for your little one and your family

Because we’re all different, right?  

It’s time to start parenting and supporting your child in a way that feels-crazy good for you.  And me, your certified sleep consultant?  I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines, supporting and encouraging the heck out of you.  

Let’s get you feeling confident and back to feeling like you again (you know, the less sleep deprived and cranky version).  Because when your little one sleeps soundly, you sleep soundly.

Here's how we can de-stress and refresh your fam


Master the art of sleep with the level of support that feels good for you and your family. We’ll work together to achieve your sleep goals at your pace.


Learn the best ways to support sleep in your home so there’s less fight and more ease in your day and night. Choose from 4 ebooks in our shop.


From the moment your precious bundle arrives earth-side, right up until they reach school, Feel-Good Sleep has got you covered with a comprehensive range of support. Whether it’s tackling feeding challenges, addressing sleep issues or identifying potential red flags, we’re here every step of the way to ensure your child’s well-being and your peace of mind with our online course!


Change and the journey to forming healthy habits can be hard for you and your little one. Crying is your bub’s way of responding to change (and the only way they can communicate while they’re finding their voice).  We believe your bub needs to be supported through these changes in a way that aligns and feels good for you.  At the same time, we’ll be there to support you while you practise your new skills. 

Most clients see positive progress within 1 week.  Some see results sooner and some may take a little longer depending on the approach we take while working together.  You’ll be supported to reach your goals at your pace – our packages are designed for this.

The Sleep Soundly approach is flexible and holistic first and foremost. There’s no one-size-fits-all program here.  You’ll be educated on why sleep has been so difficult and then equipped with the tools you need to nail the fundamentals of sleep. We’re here for your family and follow your lead so you’re comfortable.

During our consultation, we’ll work together to create a plan that feels-good for you and your family. You’ll feel well-equipped, supported and confident with the know-how and your next steps in kicking your sleepy goals.