The Sleep Soundly Newborn COURSE

Get 3 months access to our Newborn Sleep Course that will support you through the fourth trimester, so you’re feeling an overflow of confidence with soothing, settling and sleep for your newborn and beyond

The Sleep-Soundly Newborn Course helps you create a sustainable sleep situation in your home, whatever you want it to look like

Staring down the never-ending tunnel of sleep deprivation?

Already questioning yourself over every little thing you do?

Getting unwanted advice from every relative you've even known but none of it feels-good for you?

Feeling completely outta your depth?

I mean, is any of this even normal?

I get it.

Venturing into parent world as a first-timer (heck even for a second or third time) can be madly overwhelming. I mean most of us have a general idea of what sleep deprivation might be like… but the reality of it is so much more hectic than we could ever imagine.

After working with soooo many families, I know exactly what you need to take the“what the freak is going on” out of the newborn sleep equation. This course will help you as you settle into this parenting thang. 

Your increased confidence and understanding of your little one will change the game entirely.

Do you wana know a secret?


No parent wants to get it wrong, right?

 But what if I told you, parent world is NOT black and white, despite the extremes that are thrown around out there. It’s actually a billion shades of grey. What works for some families, won’t work for others – no duh! So, why do we find it so hard to trust ourselves? 

Sleep-Soundly Newborn is here to take away the overwhelm and confusion, so you can find what feels-good for you and your family!

You’ll be armed with a toolbox full of evidence-based tools and education so you know exactly how to support your newborn.

Because yes, you can learn trust yourself and your little one can trust you too!


what's inside
sleep-soundly newborn?


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3 months access to our incredibly informative and supportive modules covering everything you need to know about soothing, settling and sleep. Our videos are kept short, sharp and sweet, ain’t no mum got time for talking in circles. Take what you need, give it a crack

Module 1 - First Steps

Let’s cover your first steps towards understanding your baby and this thing called the fourth trimester! What is realistic? What is normal? What is expected? And if course, let’s get you some quick wins so you can boost your confidence right off the bat

Module 2 - Newborn Sleep

Keen to understand what exactly is going on for your newborn on a biological level? Well this is the module you need! We cover everything you need to know about sleep biology, safe sleep and the features of newborn sleep so there is zero guesswork for you

Module 3 - Soothing

This fourth trimester is all about soothing, let’s chat secure attachment, wind-downs, massage, soothing strategies, dummies, colic and relux (just to name a few). These hands-on tools and techniques are a complete game changer for these newborn months which means everyone can feel a bit calmer

Module 4 - Settling

The module you definitely won’t want to miss, how the heck do we nail this settling thing? I walk you through 7 hands-on, supportive ways to achieve calm and happy nap or bedtime settles! You’ll also be educated around how you can begin to fade these supports as your little one grows so you can find your happy medium when it comes to sleep

You're here because you know it doesn't have to be hard

You want someone in your corner who backs you 100% as the expert on your little one

You want the tools and education that support sustainable sleep in your home, however you want that to look

You want to know what you can do when it all goes wrong

You want to feel confident and fully capable of raising this beautiful little being

You want to avoid doing crazy things to make sleep happen in the coming months and years

You want to know what is realistic and what is expected in this stage

You want to be reassured that everything you’re feeling and experiencing is okay and you’re doing an amazing job

You’re in the right place parents

sleeping soundly is just a click away

payment plan

$ 75 Over 4 payments with AfterPay
  • 3 months access
  • 4 x Modules
  • FB group support


$ 287 One off payment
  • 3 months access
  • 4 x Modules
  • FB group support


$ 523 One off payment
  • 3 months access
  • 4 x Modules
  • FB group support
  • 1:1 call at completion so you have the exact next steps for sleep

Let me help you avoid late night googling, asking for help from strangers on the internet or even from following to the well-meaning, but no longer relevant, advice from your relatives...

because you’re not meant to know everything but you don’t have to figure it alone

Don't just take my word for it,
here's what my clients are saying!


Let's take you from shattered and confused to confident and calm so your whole family can sleep-soundly