The Toddler Sleep Guide


The Toddler Sleep Guide


Learn how to navigate your tricky toddler sleep issues so bedtimes feel calmer and happier for everyone (and have less sneaky visits in the middle of the night!)

What’s inside:

  • Learn about sleep associations, disruptions and developmental leaps so you can clearly understand what’s going on for your little one
  • Master our tips, tools and strategies for navigating separation anxiety, parental preference, hectic bedtimes, early starts and exhausting overnight parties so you rolling down sleep street in no time
  • Find out exactly what to do with that last nap, cot to bed transitions and ditching that dummy
  • Got a fussy eater keeping you on your toes? Or giving up the bottle is a battle? We got you here to fam! Figure out your first steps to good times at mealtimes + which foods are conducive to sleep
  • And this is just SOME of what’s inside!


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