The Newborn Sleep Guide


The Newborn Sleep Guide

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Soothing, Settling & Sleep – The 3 S’s you must know so you can relax into the squishy newborn days with confidence and reassurance that it is all very normal.

What’s Inside:

  • Learn about newborn sleep biology and what to expect around day and night sleep, so there’s far less guessworkduring this crazy time
  • Master our tips, tools and strategies for soothing and settling your little one. I’m talking colic, reflux, witching hour, deciphering cries … the works!
  • Find out exactly what to do when it all goes so wrong so you’re giving off those cool, calm and collected vibes(your little one picks up on this yanno)
  • Current safe sleep recommendations so you’re making fully informed decisions for your fam – you do you
  • Red flags for sleep and wellbeing so you know what to look out for because if these things are happening, sleep def won’t be
  • And this is just SOME of what’s inside!


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