The 9 Month - 2 Year Sleep Guide


The 9 Month - 2 Year Sleep Guide

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The 9 Month – 2 Year Old Sleep Guide has been designed to provide you with everything you need to know about supporting your growing baby towards balanced and restorative sleep both day and night.

A huge congratulations on making it 9 Months+ earthside and living to tell the tale! No doubt you have had lots of fun along the way, as well as your fair share of hair pulling moments too! Life certainly steps up a notch in this age range including a burst of baby independence and a transition into toddlerhood! If you haven’t already got some great sleep happening in your home, now is the time!

This guide provides you with easy-to-read information to navigate your way through relevant developments and change, as well as giving you practical advice on how to move forward. This beautiful guide has over 90 pages of information for you to access and refer back to when it is needed. It covers:

Temperament guide
Safe Sleep Practices
The Biology of Sleep
Those Many Regressions
Naps, naps and more naps
Early Morning Wakings
Overnight Sleep
Recommended Routines
Sleep Disruptions
Settling Strategies
Nutrition and Sleep


Created for all parents, first, second, third time parents and beyond.


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