Sleep-Soundly Newborn Course


Sleep-Soundly Newborn Course



Get 3 months access to the Newborn Sleep Course that will support you through the fourth trimester, so you’re feeling an overflow of confidence with soothing, settling and sleep for your newborn and beyond

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I get it.

Venturing into parent world as a first-timer (heck even for a second or third time) is madly overwhelming. I mean most of us have a general idea of what sleep deprivation might be like… but the reality of it is so much more hectic than we could ever imagine.

After working with soooo many families, I know exactly what you need to take the“what the freak is going on” out of the newborn equation. Let’s work together as you settle into this parenting thang. Your increased confidence and understanding of your little one will change the game entirely.

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