Circle of Security Parenting Program


Circle of Security Parenting Program



Parenting can be hectic, but it doesn’t need to be the default setting in your home!

The Circle of Security Parenting Program helps you understand what your children REALLY need… but this isn’t all you’re getting during this course. Courtney shares her tool, tips and strategies throughout, which are really going to help you raise the vibe in your home (and get you on the same page as your parenting partner 🤩)

Learn how to get your children to listen, manage those meltdowns and tantrums, how to set limits and hold them and also how to just enjoy being a parent raising secure, happy kids!


How it works:

✔︎ Groups numbers are limited to 10 couples

✔︎ 1.5 hours x 4 sessions

✔︎ COSP™ Abbreviated and The Parenting Edit content delivered in a fast paced, group format

✔︎ 60 minute follow-up group Q&A is offered one month after the completion

✔︎ Recordings are not available, you must attend live. Make up sessions are available where life happens!


Let’s dive in and learn how to:

✔︎ Increase security of attachment

✔︎ Increase our ability to read our child’s cues and empathise with them

✔︎ Gain a clear perspective of our child’s motivations (hint: they’re NOT attention-seeking or manipulating)

✔︎ Increase our ability to reflect, pause and choose security-promoting caregiving behaviours

✔︎ Increase our capacity to regulate stressful emotional states and provide comfort when our child is in distress

✔︎ Increase our ability to recognise a rupture in the relationship and facilitate a repair


$223 per couple

Get new solutions, a fresh understanding and a practical approach to parenting and join us in this round!
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