Parenting Workshops

coming 2023

More chaos than calm? Feeling like you’re living one extreme to the next?

Uh yep, it definitely can be that way from time to time, buuuut it doesn’t need to be the default setting in your home… promise!

The research is SO clear… Rhythms, routines and rituals create stability, predictability, connectedness and security for the whooooole family – everything our kids REALLY need from us!

Get real life, practical tools, tips and techniques so you can strengthen heart connections and attachment so your kids are feeling safe, loved and secure

Honestly, this is going to be a GAME-CHANGER for your family!

Transitions turning simple things into utter chaos, why is it so hard to get out the door? Or pack away? Or turn the damn TV off? 

If you’re experiencing full blown meltdowns, refusal or are being down right ignored then this is the workshop you need in 2023.

Bring along a notebook and pen and get ready to scribble your heart out because I have tips and tools coming out my ears.

Lets get those tricky transitions far less tricky and a lot smoother, happier and easier for everyone. 

Sounding like a broken, scratchy record? Nagging and yell more than you care to admit? Pulling your hair out in frustration? Why don’t they just listen and do what I ask the FIRST time…

This workshop is going to change your life! Let’s figure out WHY your tot isn’t listening (trust me, there’s a few things contributing to this).

Get clear tips, tricks and techniques to improve communication and of course connection with your tiny human. 

Rocking boundaries with confidence? Or is it more like, “what the hell am I doing?!”  

We know boundaries will make or break the family dynamic so join me in a deep dive on setting limits!

I’ll be covering the who, what, when, where and why! Plus a tonne of real life examples (from my own home) of what this looks like, sounds like and feels like.

Get practical advice and strategies so you can feel-good about parenthood.

Let’s just make bedtime easier!

Toddlers and bedtime battles are a bit of a rite of passage, BUT it doesn’t have to be an ongoing hopeless saga… you need your down-time and your kiddo needs sleep!

Let’s bust these battles open and discover why it’s happening and how to overcome it – holistically!

My tools are rooted in strengthening connection and secure attachment. Bedtimes can be a good time so get on the waitlist, it’s going to be a sanity saver!