So much of what we have learnt about parenting, we learned through being parented ourselves..

But what if the way you were parented, is not the way you want to parent your kids?

What then?

Well, what if I told you that it’s never too late to learn new ways to rock this parent gig?

There’s an infinite number of possibilities and ways to get it right, or right enough. Imagine being able to make sense of what your little one was REALLY needing from you, 

Our kids give us so many chances to step up for them! 

What you need is a map for understanding your child’s needs

When you can step back and watch yourself and your child

When you can reflect on what you are doing and what you’re not yet doing to meet your child’s needs

… then you’re on the path to creating a secure attachment

we start 29th Jan 2023 and run for 4 weeks

29th January 7.30pm NZT

5th February 7.30pm NZT

12th February 7.30pm NZT

19th February 7.30pm NZT



An abbreviated 4 week parenting course designed for parents and caregivers of children aged 0 - 12 years

 This program aims to increase your awareness of your child’s needs so you can choose to respond in ways that promote secure attachment and exploration within their world. Look past the blindspots to see what is hidden in plain sight so your can turn negative cycles into powerful ones and create a phenomenal future for your children.

The Circle of Security Parenting Program aims to:

How does the group thing work?

90 min weekly group sessions over 4 weeks

Group numbers are limited so we can work through the content closely, engage in meaningful discussion and hold space for our reflections and new levels of awareness

You will feel heard, you will feel seen, you will be fully supported through this process in a way that feels comfortable for you

There is no room for judgement in this space, we’re all learning together ‘cos no one is perfect

Learn new solutions, a fresh understanding and a practical approach to parenting

Let’s uncover what this parenting thing is all about and find out how to feel-good about it

All children need the confidence & freedom to explore their world & to know they can come back for comfort and protection whenever they need to

After 60 years of research we know that the more secure children are, the more they are able to:

If you're ready to step into your parenting power then let's do the work and change the world together, heck freaking yes!