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No matter where you are in the world, we can work together to achieve YOUR sleep goals at YOUR pace! Our packages range in support so you get what you need to rock sleep in your home!


All children will test limits and push buttons like it's their job - because it is! I help you to minimise the chaos and confusion in your home with 1:1 parenting consultations so you have the tools to tackle it all.


Sleep-Soundly Baby and Toddler Programs are about to launch! Learn everything you need to know to transform sleep in your home! Let's work together for 4 weeks to nail your goals!


Our comprehensive Sleep Guides have been designed to provide you with all the fundamental need-to-knows when it comes to soothing, settling and sleep for the first 5 years!


Parenting, Behaviour and Sleep Specialist and your secret weapon to making parenthood feel-good!

Courtney is a Mum of 2 ratbags and has been working with families in a range of roles for over a decade, holding a Bachelor in Education and Post-Graduate Diploma in Special Education

Hi parents! I’m Courtney Nightingale; founder of The Parenting Edit

I live for this! Helping exhausted and confused parents feel-good about their parenting! I truly believe parenting doesn’t have to be hard!

It’s my mission to  support you to be the kick-ass parent you know are AND have a laugh on the way

Ready to get out of the parenting pits?

Our Feel-Good Approach


Your child is like a puzzle, we understand and recognise that all the pieces are connected and require individualised support


Our tools and education is evidence-based and focused on ensuring a secure attachment. We cut the fluff and get to the practical feel-good stuff


We are keeping it very real and realistic over here and we are always up for a laugh! Parenting gets to be a good time for everyone


What we live for! Chuck us a curly situation and we will pivot as many times as needed to create positive change in your home

Client Testimonials

We have over 60 5 Star Reviews on Google and Facebook!

“My daughter was stuck in our bed and as much as I love it, it was ruining my healthy by the lack of sleep. Courtney has been a LIFESAVER! She is so knowledgable and supportive. Highly recommend, it's been a game changer for us!”
Kirstie, mum of a 3 Year
"Courtney was incredible! We were at such a loss with our little ones sleep and she has saved us. Even after our session had ended she has continued to help us. We have so many skills and tools to use moving forward. I would recommend her service to everyone!"
Tayla, Mum of 8 Month Old
We loved working with Courtney. She is relaxed and non-judgemental, but that doesn't get in the way of her being quick, communicative and effective. Having a plan and knowing why we were doing it made such a big difference! We have a happy, sleeping bubba with a great routine now and it only took a few days!"
Kanoa, mum of 7 month Old