When you feel good parenting, you raise feel-good kids

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When you learn how to support your little one, parenting becomes a heck of a lot easier...

And I get it, there’s a ton of noise out there and umpteen-billion different ideas, strategies and opinions.  How the heck are you supposed to know what’ll work for your family?  

Here’s the thing…

When you feel good about your parenting and the way you support your little one through their bedtime and behavioural battles, you give off all the good vibes and feel connected and in-tune with yourself and your tiny human.

With 1:1 personalised sleep support, parenting support, sleep guides and group programs to choose from, there’s a personalised solution with your name on it.  A solution that’ll work for you and your family long-term, because we’re not one night wonders over here. 

I’m all for making parenting (dare I say it?…) FUN.  Because when you’ve got the skills and knowledge to navigate what can feel like an eternity of sleepless nights and never-ending tantrums, spending time with your kids is actually an incredible experience filled with adventure and excitement.

So let’s get the ball rollin’…


Make parenting feel-good again with sleep advice & support services for you and your little one


Master the art of sleep with the level of support that feels good for you and your family. With 4 packages available, we’ll work together to achieve your sleep goals at your pace.


Feeling like you need a lil more hands-on support? An in-home consult might be for you. Book a free call to find out more.

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Get advice and support on dealing with your little one pushing buttons and testing limits (like it’s their damn job). Experienced in working with kids with a diagnosis and troubleshooting all round mischief makers and little rascals.


Get 3 months access to our Newborn Sleep Course that will support you through the fourth trimester,so you’re feeling an overflow of confidence with soothing, settling and sleep for your newborn and beyond.


Your new baby sleep bibles are jam packed with the need-to-knows and the nice-to-knows when it comes to soothing, settling and sleep for your little one’s first 5 years earthside.


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Helping exhausted parents get perspective & stop floundering in the parenting pit of doom [read: sleep deprivation]

Hey parents! 

I’m Courtney, child-wrangler, sometimes parent-wrangler, sleep & behavioural specialist, and instigator of The Parenting Edit.

And helping stressed and exhausted parents get their parenting swagger back?  I live for it.  

With a family-first approach, I work with what you give me to get your family back to sleep.  You’re guaranteed to feel supported and heard during our time together.

A mum of 2 ratbags, wife and business owner, I’ve been working with families for 10+ years in education and sleep/behavioural roles.  With a Bachelor in Education and a Post-Grad Diploma in Special Education, I’m experienced in working with kids with a diagnosis and enjoy troubleshooting toughies with parents.

Watching families go from tired and confused to confident in their decision-making, refreshed and back to being their non-sleep deprived-selves lights me the heck up.  Embracing the real and raw side of parenting, I’ll make sure we have plenty of laughs along the way.

Let me know what you’re struggling with and let’s book you in so you and your fam can finally catch some zZz’s.

Our feel-good approach


Your child is like a jig-saw puzzle with huuuundreds of pieces.  When pieces go missing, it can throw the whole puzzle out of whack.  Together, we’ll find the missing pieces and put them back together with personalised support to help your family as a whole


Our tools and education is evidence-based and focused on creating a secure attachment.  We cut the fluff and concentrate on the practical feel-good stuff.


We’re all about keeping it real over here, parents.  We know parenting isn’t always fun and games, and if it’s anything like my day, it can be filled with boogers, tantrums and tears too.  We make sure parenting gets to be a good time for everyone, and we have a laugh while we do it.


We’re here for it! Chuck us a curly situation and we’ll pivot as much as we need to create positive long-term changes in your home.


Kat & Mason 18MO

Mason had never been able to fall asleep on this own and we had never known how to support him in that. Prior to the last 5 months he was breastfed to sleep and after self-weaning the only place he would fall asleep was the car. So for four months we drove him for every sleep – 2 naps a day, bed time and in the night if he woke (almost every night). By the time we contacted Courtney we were completely out of our depth and strung out by hours of driving every day. His sleep wasn’t restorative in the car and this was affecting his eating and his mood. I found Courtney online in the early hours one morning after driving Mason and the reviews convinced me that she was worth a go. I was so sceptical, in our first call I thought this is never going to work, you don’t know Mason. 

Courtney was incredible. She coached us through how to better support Mason to fall asleep on his own and made sure we had everything all ready to go e.g. white noise, dark room. It took two nights and one day of the settling method Courtney had coached us through and Mason was now falling asleep on his own, in his cot! I couldn’t believe it and was sure it was just a fluke but I am pleased to say that one month in we haven’t had any night wakes, he’s had a 2 hour day sleep in his cot every day and he is so excited to go to bed he doesn’t want more than one story at night! We are stoked we contacted Courtney and her methods are not a copy and pasted email or having to leave your child for hours crying, they’re personalised, feel-good solutions. Best decision we’ve made!

KARA & George 2.5yO

Let me start by saying Courtney has been my saving grace not once but twice. I remember contacting Courtney in tears my son had barely slept for the last two months and he would scream anytime I put him down and I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Hearing how broken I was, Courtney fit me in straight away and assured me everything was going to be ok. In my head I truly didn’t understand what more Courtney could do as we had already been to sleep school. I had tried everything and toddlers can be extremely stubborn but she came highly recommended and I had nothing to loose.

Well, after our time with Courtney I had a child who slept perfectly,  who upgraded to a big boy bed and stayed in his room all night. 12 months later I still have all the tools and knowledge Courtney taught me. I always go back to if I feel like bed time is becoming challenging again and within a day we’re back to routine. I was so impressed with Courtney a year later I contacted her with a few behavioural issues. We worked through it all and let me say she once again did not disappoint. If you are looking for a child-guru look no further. Courtney is an absolute wizard when it comes to children and I will recommend her to any parent who ask or are struggling. Thank you Courtney, for saving this family’s sanity we absolutely love you and thank you for helping us choose a gentle and respectful approach to parenting.

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